Memorial cards in Portmarnock

Printchain offers a sensitive, personal service to provide memorial stationery at a fair price to the Portmarnock community.
Memorial stationery services to North Dublin

Memorial cards sample, Printchain north Dublin printing servicesWhen a loved one passes it can feel like there’s an endless list of things to take care of. In a way, this seemingly burdensome list fufils a vital psychological purpose: it helps preserve us through the time of greatest delicate emotional fragility by keeping us occupied, when otherwise we may be overcome by shock and trauma. It also involves the wider community at a time when we need the most support, and when it has finished, it eventually passes us to a place free of mental clutter, and lets us know that now we have the space in which to properly grieve.

One element of that endless list is of course the printed materials for the memorial. At Printchain Portmarnock we do our best to support you with this small but significant part of the mourning process. We can produce invitations, orders of service, cards to distribute to mourners and to send those who sadly could not attend the removal, funeral, burial, or wake – or anniversary memorial cards and stationery.

We’re not some faceless website: we’re part of the Portmarnock community. We’re real people behind the counter (or on the end of the phone or email), even during the pandemic, and are very aware of the sensitivities around what we well know is a difficult time in people’s lives.

Printchain’s pledge to you

  • We will handle your enquiry with sensitivity and understanding.
  • We will do everything within our power to produce the highest quality materials to honour the memory of your loved one.
  • We will provide free consultancy on design and content.
  • We will handle the design and printing to produce the materials in a timely manner.
  • We will offer a realistic, fair price – we don’t agree with taking advantage of people during a difficult time in their lives.

If, regrettably, you have need of our services for this solemn duty, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately for a sympathetic consultation and a fair quote.

Of course we’re not just here for the sad things in life: we can produce custom stationery for weddings, parties, and other more joyous occasions. Again, just get in touch for a person-to-person consultation.

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